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Have the Best Half Year of Your Life

Your year starts strong, but halfway through it fizzles. All of a sudden you're swept up in obligations, holidays, then the end of the year comes, and you're like 'what just happened?'

This year is different! Finish the year even stronger than you started it. Learn strategies to shift your life so you can stop wondering where the time went, and start living in the moments!

Here's what you need to know:

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  • Get the strategies for mastering your day and making your dreams happen, even if it seems impossible
  • You could keep doing the same 'ol thing, or you can take a chance at having the best half year of your life!!

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Host Jeremy Todd

Podcast Host/ Coach/ Author

Jeremy has stepped through so many challenges he had to write a book about it. But one thing has helped him triumph through all of it, his ability to always find the positive side. Now he's going to share his strategies with you to show you how to finally have the best half year of your life!